Join our sister company, Wild Hawaii Ocean Adventures (W.H.O.A) for a speedy cruise abroad the ‘Ocean Warrior'!
Snorkel the Kona Coast to encounter various marine life such as pilot whales, sharks, dolphins, and much more!  


Snorkeling & Marine Life Experience
(4 hr excursion)
$160 per person (+tax) max of 8 guests
Join WHOA for an epic adventure snorkel trip combined with animal encounters and a fast boat ride.


Captain Cook Snorkel Tour
(2.5 hr excursion)
$120 per person (+ tax) max of 11 guests
Join WHOA for an incredible cruise along the Kona coast to snorkel the crystal clear waters of Kealakekua Bay by the famous Captain Cook's monument.


The Ocean Warrior is a USCG-inspected vessel.
Having served with Special Boat Team 12, the Ocean Warrior was a true Navy S.E.A.L. assault vessel that has now found a home in Kona, Hawaii. With its twin 470 HP Caterpillar engines and its KAMEWA Rolls Royce jet drives you can experience the power, thrill, and adventure of a boat ride like no other.

This specific boat was designed to be extremely solid, fast, maneuverable and safe. Dubbed the Lamborghini of all the Navy SEAL boats it can quickly get you snorkeling in remote and secluded sites once visited by only few people.
Ocean Warrior is the only boat of its kind in the US to be made available for commercial use. So bring your sense of adventure and let's journey along with Wild Hawaii.
*Ocean Warrior: USMI 11 meter rib, served with Special Boat Team12, the fastest most maneuverable vessel in the U.S. Navy. Built for the Navy S.E.A.L Teams and Special Warfare Operations

Physical Requirements:
1. MUST be over 4 feet tall
2. MUST be under 280lbs
3. MUST NOT have any neck or back injuries
4. NO major surgery in the past 6 months
5. MUST NOT be pregnant
6. MUST be able to climb ladder (for snorkeling tours)
7. MUST be able to stand for 4 hours

Due to the surf or other conditions, we occasionally need to limit our boat maneuvers for your safety

Require a minimum of 4 passengers to run our tours.

Cancellation Policy: 48 hours prior to charter

Provided on the tour:
Snorkeling gear and flotation devices
Dry boxes for cameras and personal belongings
Shade Cover when stopped
Selection of cold beverages and snacks.
Please bring towels, secured hats, and sunscreen.