As an Ohana Diving Club member, enjoy ½ off Day Diving and Manta Ray Night Diving any time you want to join us, a free t-shirt, or hat, or mask strap
when you sign up and
bring guests on any of our EcoAdventures at our Kama’aina rates!  No annual fees and you will not get bumped off a confirmed charter!

To join, you must complete either a Day Dive or a Night Manta Ray Dive with us at our Kama’aina rates, and then simply ask your dive master to sign you up.  You must show reasonable proof of residency such as a photo ID or a check stub and provide a copy of your diver’s certification card.  We will have you fill out a form, which includes your name, mailing address, email address and phone number for our records so we can notify you of special monthly dive trips or upcoming dive activities you may want to join us on.

Start enjoying member benefits today!